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Coming to You With: The Boby

Boby Sunglasses

The single most important characteristic that we strive to define us is “uniqueness”. The production and design team commits its outmost effort and dedication to explore the limits of our imagination and create unique and stylish sunglasses. The Boby is Vysen Eyewear’s new model, it comes in 5 different color variations, and it introduces a […]

KAROL G, Anuel AA, J Balvin – Location Music Video

What Sunglasses Does Anuel AA Use In “Location” Music Video? No Valentine’s Day gift could be better for any of us at the Vysen Eyewear team than this. Trap music superstar sensation Anuel AA has chosen his pair of Arie sunglasses to showcase his amazing style in the new music video for “Location“. The music […]

Vysen’s Relationship With Music Videos – Part 2

To continue showcasing the ling list of artists that use Vysen Sunglasses to express their creativity and uniqueness in their music video, here is the continuation of Vysen’s Relationship with Music Videos. Tohi is expanding his popularity in an all too new territory, but his success in the middle east is undeniable. In the music […]

Vysen Growth: Why?

model with vysen sunglasses

Over the past months, we have experienced astronomical growth. And that comes as a relief, the entire team has dedicated a great deal of enthusiasm, passion, dedication, and time to the entire operation of the Vysen brand. And although we are beyond excited for the escalating success and popularity of our luxury brand sunglasses, we […]

Polarized vs. Mirrored Sunglass Lenses

jaxs sunglasses

In great majority, most people have used, and at the very least heard of polarized sunglasses. And in contrast, most people have also used, or at the very least heard of mirrored sunglasses. Have you ever wondered if these two are the same? Are they different? Or even, what they really are? Polarized sunglasses and […]

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