Polarized vs. Mirrored Sunglass Lenses

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In great majority, most people have used, and at the very least heard of polarized sunglasses. And in contrast, most people have also used, or at the very least heard of mirrored sunglasses.

Have you ever wondered if these two are the same? Are they different? Or even, what they really are?

Polarized sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses in fact are different from each other, and people have a preference as to which one they prefer the most.

Here are the main differences between both. Mirrored sunglasses get their name because the lens from the outside creates a reflection that is identical to that of a mirror. That is to say that if wearing mirrored sunglasses, if there is a person standing before you, they will be able to see their own reflection. These lenses can be different types of colors. These sunglasses are extremely helpful in diminishing the glare produced from sunlight. Polarized sunglasses also protect the eyes from glare, one of the main differences is that polarized sunglasses do not have that mirror reflection effect. The lenses are normal dark color.

Essentially, between choosing from polarized and mirrored lens sunglasses, what comes down to it is the preference of the user in the way the sunglasses look.

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