Soccer Players And Vysen Pt 1

neymar using vysen sunglasses

What Sunglasses Do Soccer Players Use?

The most popular sport in the world has undoubtably some great talented individuals.

There are 3.5 billion fans all over the globe, and that is why it is by far, the most loved and famous sport of our generation.

Vysen sunglasses have grown so much in popularity that even the most famous and talented soccer players have been captured using our luxurious sunglasses.

Here is a list of the sunglasses that some of the most influential athletes today have chosen to use.

  1. Dani Alves

The Brazilian soccer sensation is best known for his role in FC Barcelona, playing alongside Leo Messi. He is also very popular for being one of the captains of the Brazilian national team. Currently he is playing for the  São Paulo FC.

Vysen Sunglasses Dani uses: Enzo

  1. Alex Morgan

Called the “Princess Of Soccer”, Alex is immensely popular for being a decisive part in the United States Female soccer team’s back to back victories. In 2011 she was the first player to record an assist and a goal at the cup final. Currently she is co-captain of the female national team for the United States alongside Carli Lloyd, and Megan Rapinoe.

Vysen Sunglasses Alex uses:

  1. Cesc Fabregas

The current AS Monaco FC player is originally from Spain. He is best known for his key roles in Arsenal and Chelsea FC. Cesc is a 7 time champions league participant. The greatest achievement for any soccer player is to win the World Cup, and in 2010 Cesc won that title with Spain alongside Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas.

Vysen Sunglasses Cesc uses: Arie

  1. Neymar Jr

Paris Saint Germain’s most popular asset is a Brazilian soccer sensation. In 2016 the Brazilian national soccer team won Gold in the summer Olympics. This catapulted Neymar into further popularity, and the then Barcelona FC player made the costly switch to Paris SG.

Vysen Sunglasses Neymar uses: Onix

  1. Falcao

In 2017 Falcao became champion of France with the AS Monaco. The Colombian soccer player currently makes magic in the field with the Galatasaray. Before that, he helped his team become Spanish cup winners in 2013 with the Atletico Madrid.

Vysen Sunglasses Falcao uses: Onix

  1. Douglas Costa

Being a 2018 World Cup Participant with the Brazilian national team, having played at Juventus, and Bayern Munich is no small merit. Douglas Costa is a two-time German Cup Champion, and an Italian Cup Champion.

Vysen Sunglasses Douglas uses: Aviva



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