The Vysen Top 5

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Although we love all of our sunglasses, and we know you do too, there are always favorites.

Here are the top 5 sunglasses this year:

  1. Luigi

The Luigi Sunglasses are a visor style frame. The frames feature stainless steel three-dimensional style all-around. Modern, edgy, stylish, and most of all, bold, perfect to wear out to any journey you embark.

  1. Enzo

The Enzo sunglasses from Vysen Eyewear is a Stainless-Steel three-dimensional frame that has landed in the eyewear industry and revolutionized all of the sunglass ideals. Featuring a visor-style aviator in multiple favorite color combinations, the Enzos will give your look the perfect touch, anytime.

  1. Letec

The modernized Letec Sunglass, hexagonal aviators that completely revolutionized the eyewear industry giving the classic aviator, the most chic and stylish look. Our Letec frames by Vysen Eyewear, handmade in Italy, have proven to be the fastest-selling design.

  1. Arie

Some call Arie Sunglasses nothing less than a” piece of art”. Recipient of the luxury frame award of the year, this design encapsulates what luxury means in 2020. This unique eyewear piece is constructed using 60 different steps in order to a perfect round shape that is fit for every face-style. It comprises screws and variations between matte and shiny finishes (depending on the specific model) for the ultimate high-end finishing touch.

  1. Onix

Purpose at the fullest, the Onix Sunglasses is apart from any original and conventional design. Vysen brings frame manufacturing and color combinations to another level. The mirror cap stabilizes the illumination for your eyes, making a comfortable way to see in broad daylight. 100% unisex and for everyday use.


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