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Vysen sunglasses are over the top in terms of innovation and style. The designs are heavily inclined to stand out from the rest of the sunshades in the market. To achieve this, the creative team has taken on the task to re-think the way that sunglasses look. One of the main characteristics on most of the Vysen sunglasses is how we integrate matte finishes to our frames.

Being bold and explosive has generated fantastic results, and people all over the world are loving our luxury sunglasses for it. And for that reason it is important to understand the origin of all that integrates the sunglasses that we produce.

In the most basic of terms, the word “matte” means that it does not reflect light, it lacks gloss. To better understand what matte is, think of the opposite of shinny. The color is still there, but there is no light reflecting from it. Somewhat like the surface being a little flat in luminosity. The word comes from French origins, meaning “dull surface”.

Our popular sunglasses that use matte finishes have taken our consumers by storm and we are excited that is so because it reassures us that creating unique sunglasses is what we do best.

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