The History behind the Omiku – Nacho Sunglasses by Vysen Eyewear

Representing the Latin culture through his songs and dances, “Nacho La Criatura” has become the personification of what it is to blend passion, music, and family, all together; and now he’s decided to jump on his new journey with a new eyewear collaboration with Vysen Eyewear. His past years as a solo artist have just been proof of what persistence and ambition can do when merged with heart and love for one’s career. Nacho strives to fuse his values, culture, and personality with every hit song of his, while exemplifying what it is to be a great father figure and role model to us all.


Breaking charts with Bailame, No Te Vas, and merging with some of the greatest stars of the moment for songs such as Casualidad (ft. Ozuna), Nacho restlessly proves his music’s here to stay and represent all Latins around the world. His passion for his people, his country, and his work makes it inevitable to resists his music’s beats

Now, not only is he producing hit-records after records, but his empowering ideas and style have now taken the next step. His love for sunglasses and fashion, and a vision of the perfect frame to embody his personal style, comfort, and edge finally took off, and the OMIKU’s were born. Nacho partnered with Vysen Eyewear to deliver the perfect piece for a Nacho fan, and just about anyone with a sense of style and personality. They epitomize the art of eyewear design and luxury with a twist of charisma and identity.

His new collaboration with Vysen came after months of hard work and dedication, because no great piece is born without it. His unique frames are the perfect every-day accessory, and representation of his qualities and traits.
Nacho continues to rack up millions of followers, (9 million of them, currently) who share the same passion for music and dance, and who support him on all his endeavors. He has brought his culture to America, and now his fans will be able to style themselves like he does, with the coolest eyewear, of course.

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