The New Luis Fonsi Frame

Summer time hit it hot this year with the arrival of Vysen Eyewear’s Luis Fonsi Frames. These geometrical masterpieces landed to make an unequivocal fashion statement; leading the market with their unparalleled design, quality, and story behind them.

At the peak of his career, Luis Fonsi continues to break records and lead charts; but his success does not stop at the fence of music, or “Despacito” hit. Latin icon is dominating popular culture with his charisma and timeless style, and with the arrival of his exclusive collaboration with Vysen Eyewear, he has now conquered the sunglass industry.

His very own Luis Fonsi Frames, designed in the USA by Vysen Eyewear and manufactured in Italy display a unique architecture of congruous patterns and distinct materials with unmatched quality. Fans are drooling over the different color combinations and leather-inclusions that his Frames offer, but its their overall look that has everyone going crazy.

Luis Fonsi Frame By Vysen
Luis Fonsi Frame By Vysen

Fonsi’s passion for music, his fans, and culture, is effortlessly blended into Vysen’s design; as the newest frames delineate edginess and style in just the perfect accessory.

The Luis Fonsi Frames are here to redefine boundaries, and to tell the world that fashion, music, and passion can merge together into the perfect blend, bringing you unmatched quality and timeless style to spice up your Summer look.

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