Another Step in the Right Direction

You have all witnessed and fell for our Letec model. We have emphasized how important it was for us to make the classic aviator frame sunglasses a 100% version of our Vysen brand. Representing the combination of something so iconic that has been around for many years, and having the bravery to shift that design towards something that represents our ideals of fashion was no easy task. The Letec sunglasses was undoubtably a step forward in the right direction. Having said that, we knew and trusted that we were capable of more.

And so the Ezy model was created. Aside from Introducing a new color combination of white frames and silver lenses, the Ezy is a statement of further boundaries exploration. We took an already defying design that is the Letec, and we added outer shields to the frames. We have created a design originated from the aviators, and from a popular sunglass design of our collection, and combined it with the success of another unique Vysen feature. 

Aviators made ours to the most extreme extent, the Ezy is our most integrated design yet.

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