Vysen History

In 2014, two young motivated entrepreneurs had a desire to create an innovative and functional eyewear, and design a unique line of sunglasses. Although they had significant experience in marketing stylish jewelry, they were excited by the challenge of creating an exceptional line of sunglasses. Now established in Miami, energized by the cosmopolitan vibrations of the city, and aware of the importance of designing vibrant, universal, and at the same time distinctive glasses, these two young entrepreneurs came up with a high quality line of sunglasses; appealing both to young and mature consumers. This outstanding line turned out to be very successful. Positively impacted by this response, we are now determined to continue creating exclusive and affordable sunglasses; each one of the designs speaks for itself.  

The Vysen Brand

The word VYSEN comes from the ancient english language, delineating the meaning of  “unique” or “different”. In addition to virtue, which highlights a quality trait, promoting collective and individual greatness.

In each of our creations, we emphasize our passion spectrum into our sunglasses: love & energy. Our collection is made with meticulous details of craftsmanship where 42 different steps are taken in order for a Vysen to come to life. To develop sophisticated artisanal frames that feature layers of depth, our factory in Italy utilizes only the highest quality materials in optics. Our commitment to craftsmanship delivers unmatched quality and a timeless style that transforms glasses from mere function to coveted pieces of art.


The top line of designs, each of our framescomes with a premium-grade handcrafted finish to give them more flair and style that’s truly unique. Every frame has a motivation and passion for the design, it has its own unique purpose. At Vysen we commit to the attention to detail that distinguishes our eyeweares. Our red signature is an emblem and a commitment we stand proud of, located on the left leg of the frames as a symbol to the location of the heart. 


Each pair of Vysen sunglasses is made with an ultra-light, extremely durable stainless-steel or organic acetate frame that offers form-fitting comfort that can be adjusted to fit your face shape perfectly.    
We offer unisex frame styles that perfectly match men’s and women’s fractions equally. Counting with a wide range of frame and lens colors to choose from, you’ll always find a Vysen frame that matches your individual style.