Celebrities that we LOVE!

We absolutely love to see our Sunglasses being used by EVERYONE! We have materialized our vision into spectacular handmade luxury sunglass frames. Our entire Vysen collection is something our team is extremely proud of.

Recently we have seen just how much our brand has reached celebrities from all over the world. From Neymar Jr., Farruko, Maluma, and many more. We are excited that one particular individual has taken much interest in our brand, Alejandro Fernandez. The Mexican super star has been photographed, and he has even posted himself wearing Vysen sunglasses, on multiple occasions. Thalia, another gigantic name in the Mexican entertainment industry has been keen to our designs.

What excites us the most is how much reach we have been able to achieve. We are gaining international recognition by some heavy hitters all over the world. And we couldn't be more thrilled about making our luxury sunglasses available to every single individual that wishes to use eyewear accessories an extension of their personality and who they are.

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