How Can Farruko’s “Pepas” Music Video Be Better? With Vysen

Farrukos pepa

The summer seems endless thanks to Faruko and his new banging hit “Pepas”. The immensely talented urban super-star debuted his new video for the “Pepas”. In the video Farru seems to be enjoying himself very much, partying and dancing to his newest song. “Pepas” is an interesting mix of tech and reggaeton. 

Farruko couldn’t have picked a better Vysen sunglass to use, the Jaxs. Just like the song, the Jaxs is a perfect mix between the popularity of the energetic and bold few. Standing out from the rest is exactly the concept that this song and video give out. 

The Vysen team is always thrilled to see international superstars choose our sunglasses to express their creativity and extend their personality. We are ready to take the sunglass world by storm! 

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