KAROL G, Anuel AA, J Balvin – Location Music Video

No Valentine’s Day gift could be better for any of us at the Vysen Eyewear team than this. Trap music superstar sensation Anuel AA has chosen his pair of Arie sunglasses to showcase his amazing style in the new music video for “Location“. The music video debuted February 11th. It has been live for only 16 hours and it has already smashed YouTube with over 2 million views on its VEVO channel.

Karol G chose Anuel AA and J Balvin to be featured in her new music video, shot in the Los Angeles Desert. This video, and song, will be the next hit for all of these artists. Ask us, and we are beyond thrilled that the award winning Arie sunglasses are featured in the video. This is only one more reason to keep working and to keep creating. Our sunglasses are gaining incredible amounts of recognition and popularity. 

We strive for uniqueness and originality, artists and people all over the world understand that, and that is why they back and love our brand. Our Unique sunglasses are creating a movement, and we are proud of how far we have come. having said that, we are excited for the future and what it’ll bring. 

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