New Venmo Integration

There are no excuses now. You can purchase your Vysen sunglasses with your Venmo account. Thanks to some amazing new integration with Paypal, payments on our website can now me processed using your Venmo account. Secure transactions have always been top of mind for the entire Vysen team. Making sure that our customers delicate information is always kept secure, we are happy that now there are more platforms that can be used to acquire our luxurious collection of sunglasses.

It is a very easy process as well,

1. Chose your favorite pair of sunglasses, or sunglasses.
2. Proceed to checkout page
3. Input all of your information
4. Choose the PayPal payment method
5. Opt in to pay with the Venmo payment method

All over the world, safe, and as easy as ever. Vysen Eyewear leading the sunglass industry.

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