Prince Royce In Serious HEAT!

Is it us, or do the Moha Red Limited look extra spicy on Prince Royce? We cant’t even put in words how amazing all of us at the Vysen team feel when we see our sunglasses being chosen as an extension of peoples’ personalities, let alone celebrities like Prince Roys. The bachata sensation has posted on his personal Instagram account a series of pictures of himself posing in an all red outfit. Of course, posing with our Moha Red Limited edition sunglasses.

The Moha collection has been an incredible success within our community, and even more so the Red Limites editions. These luxury sunglasses are meant to be an extension of our clients’ personalities, only the brave join our revolution. With a bold statement of presence, our handmade sunglasses are sky-rocketing into popularity all over the world, and we love it!

The red sunglasses Prince Royce is using are Vysen hot, and you can acquire them too. These pairs, or any other to add to uour collection!

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