2023 With a BANG!

Not one, not two, not three! Six new reasons why you will love us more this 2023. The team wanted to make the start of this year incredibly different, and we have worked very hard to deliver on that goal. We are introducing SIX new Vysen Sunglass collections.

For those that have been loyal to the Revolution, you are aware that we release new collections very carefully, and never have we introduced more than two sunglasses to our line-up at once. This is HUGE! For those of you that are just tuning in, it is the perfect time to find the perfect luxury sunglasses that fit your style.

We are introducing:
  • The Rik: A triangular sunglass that somewhat resembles our amazing Enzo collection. Available in four colors.
  • The Kim: These sunglasses are going to make you fall in love with a smaller frame design. Available in four colors.
  • The Mila: For all of those individuals that like larger square sunglasses. Available in 4 colors.
  • The Fred: Sunglasses that fit almost every face shape, these square sunglasses are great to combine all trending fashion styles. Available in four colors.
  • The Bill: Round anyone? These luxurious sunglasses are for all those that love round eyewear. Available in four colors.
  • The Adel: Think our Moha collection but without the protective shield. Available in four colors.
All of these beautiful handcrafted Italian sunglasses are to die for. We have made it our mission to expand our collection so that everyone from around the world can choose the sunglasses that best describe their personality. Joining the Vysen Revolution has never been easier.

Remember, all of these frames can be used for your optic lens as well. There is no excuse for you not to express your personality with Vysen Eyewear.

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