The Marcus

Can it get any better? Can our designs really get any better? Our team is on FIRE this 2023. Design and production alike. What is in the air at our Vysen headquarters? We have just launched the new Marcus luxurious handmade sunglass collection. The Marcus is a representation of how much our brand can grow, expand its lineup, and preserve its unique bold style in such a magnificent way.

The Marcus is a marvelous design combination that hints to our very popular model Dalia, as well as our phenomenal model Luigi. These square sunglasses can be exploited by those that dare to be outgoing, yet simple in nature. There is no better way to explain this collection, really, but to say that we have designed them in such a way that only Vysen can. Taking something so common and simple, and turning it into a real meticulous work of art.

All of our Vysen family around the world is rejoicing as we have announced this new arrival. The Marcus collection has 7 different color options. Handmade in Italy, and ready to continue aiding in our efforts to change the industry, these sunglasses are going to make it easier for our revolution to reach the entire world. We are seeing the brand grow, many people are understanding our purpose, and we are loving the sight of this enormous welcome.

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