Don Omar Goes Crazy With Our Ezy Model!

You may ask, how did we feel taking a glimpse of Don Omar using our Ezy model for the video of his new single “Let’s Get Crazy”? Absolutely FANTASTIC. One of the original hard hitters of the urban music movement rocked the Ezy in its white color variation. He looks so revolutionary, that he has even set the image of him rocking the luxurious sunglasses as his profile picture on Spotify.

Things like this, only push us to create more over the top designs. Vysen eyewear is exactly embodiment of taking risks, we want our handmade Italian sunglasses to be a symbol of uniqueness and forceful identification of one’s true outstanding personality.

We encourage bravery by pushing the boundaries ourselves. We have reached tremendous growth and popularity all over the world by being ambassadors of style and elegance. Don Omar using Vysen for his new music video is truly a humbling, but a sign that we must continue our path towards greatness. We have already shaken the sunglass industry, we will revolutionize it some more.

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