The Tom: Feel The Speed

These Sunglasses Will Steal Your Heart Fast

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? We sure hope you are all ready to experience this unique design. Inspired by the iconic Top Gun Aviators sunglasses, The Tom is the newest addition to our hand-crafted Italian luxury sunglass collection.

The Tom design encapsules the ever so popular image of Tom Cruise from the movie Top Gun. Not one person could possible have missed his style, specially in this movie. The Vysen team has done a great job and even introduced a new bold color combination for this model, a very energetic blue. We like to push the boundaries every time we can, our fans all over the world appreciate our bravery, and we know this because our brand keeps growing.

You can add these frames to your collection, and choose from the 7 color variations available. We have managed to turn something so classic, such as the Top Gun Aviators sunglasses, into a creation of beautiful eyewear architecture and luxury.

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