Vysen's Exclusive and Prioritary Optical Collection

The origins of Vysen Eyewear are very well know within the Vysen community already. We have taken the sunglass industry and given it a run for its money. Our brand stands tall amongst the most prestigious eyewear brands all over the world. We encounter many of our customers daily, and we understand their appreciation and admiration for a brand that has allowed them to be unique and bold. Vysen eyewear has always provided for a way to stand out, and we have not been afraid of showing the world that limits are imaginary and that rules are meant to be broken. Fortunately, many people have agreed and backed the brand with much loyalty and appreciation.

That is why we took a step forward into territory dominated by the big eyewear industry, and now Vysen eyewear has launched an optical collection. The collection has not been out for too long and it has already proven to be a great success amongst existing clients, and we have been able to lure in new ones by giant volumes.
The Adel, the Bill, the Fred, the Kim, the Mila, and the Rik are frames intended 100% for the exclusive use of day to day optical wear. We wanted to take firm steps as we emerged our brand in this section of the industry. Thus far, we are happy as can be with what the creative team has come up with, and by the looks of it, all of our customers are too.

Optical frames have always been present in Vysen eyewear, our sunglass collection has always been intended to have the possibility of turning into optical frames. Now, there are designs strictly designed with optical affinities, and with the customer’s comfort and style in mind.

Discover the new era of optical eyewear with our luxurious and stylish new optical collection.

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