When we say we mean revolution, we mean it!

Becoming what we are has left a trail of small accomplishments and wins. The Vysen brand had not made it this far with making safe calls on our designs. When we say we mean revolution, we mean it. Thus, the birth of the Nikky. We dared to do something that truthfully no one has done. We invite you to be a part of this new era of bravery and boldness. In 6 new color combinations, the Nikky collection is something you will not see anywhere else, not in design and not in quality.

We lay a foundation of free expression within what we stand for as a brand, we are literal extensions of someones personality. And for that reason we are so prideful when we see people all over the world use one of our sunglasses. The Nikky is a special one, a luxurious sunglass that has a truly unique design. The frame is an hexagon and a circle at the same time, and yes you read that right. Two shapes that make up one frame. And why not?

Out customers have accepted with open arms this new collection, and we are sure you will too.

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